Praise for The Parent’s Guide to
Eating Disorders :
  • "A must read for parents, patients and professionals dealing with these illnesses."
    Director, Eating Disorders Program at Laureate Psychiatric Hospital
  • "This is the definitive encyclopedia for parents who are concerned about their children's eating or weight."
    Director, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eating Disorders Program

About the The Parent’s Guidebook

The Parent´s Guide to Eating Disorders: Supporting Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating & Positive Body Image at Home is the first book to address the eating problems of children and adolescents from the practical point of view of a nutritionist. Because eating disorders are no longer strictly the province of teenagers and adults, but afflict ten-, eight-, even five-year-olds who come home from school one day and announce they need to go on a diet, this book is designed primarily for parents or caregivers who are concerned about the eating patterns of their child. It is you who are the first to become aware of an emerging problem, and it is you who spend the most time with your child, preparing meals, trying to get her to eat, worrying about your child´s health. As the people closest to your child, you can also have the strongest impact on her life.

You’ll Find Help With:

  • Avoiding a relapse
  • Spotting early warning signs
  • Normalizing eating and exercise
  • Knowing when to seek professional help
  • Dealing with school, friends, sports, and camp
  • Establishing healthy attitudes toward food at a young age